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Who is Siyabonga?

Our main objective and scope of practice was to open a 24 hour facility for the needy and destitute.

Firstly we concentrated on HIV/Aids, TB and terminally ill cases. Then the need to accommodate physical disabled adults long term, also step-down care and respite care. Rehabilitation is also an important focus point in our program. The Provincial hospital needed beds for recovering patients, and we had to open a STEP DOWN facility of 12 beds.

The five points below summarize our current projects and highlight some problems we are currently facing:

  1. Projects are lodged under one body, namely Siyabonga Care Village near Vredenburg in the West Coast. Huis Isabella for 19 severe profound mentally and physically handicapped adults. Huis Cornelius for 18 patients with special needs. A Step-down Facility to accommodate 12 patients: referred. Six foster children. Pikanini crèche for 25 children (foster, disabled, staff children) Vegi-care vegetable garden. Sisonke Protective Workshop for the physically disabled. Training and up-liftment of people from the community and creating jobs.
  2. Because of the balanced meals and healthy diets with added supplements for the ill patient, we identified the need to be self sufficient with fresh vegetables. We started our own Vegi-care vegetable garden.
  3. 98% Of our staff are single mothers. The need for our own onsite crèche was highlighted by the staff themselves. The staff's salaries are not enough to pay for a Day Care centre. The cost of a child in a care center can cost up to R400p.m. Pikanini crèche was started on 01 August 2008 and currently accommodates 25 children. We also accommodate a few neglected children from the community and foster children. This is a free service.
  4. People we approached for financial support were very sceptical about a huge project like this and finance for daily running cost remains the main obstacle to overcome.
    “The staff brought some food from their homes to prepare a meal for the patients, then again a bunch of harders (fish) was brought by one of the staff's husband, his catch for the day. I recall days when I cried in my room, and asked God for help. How I looked through all my bags and pockets for only a R5 to buy milk. Then one day, I got angry and stood up with a victorious attitude, and in faith took back what was held from the project”.

    Businesses and individuals started to trust Siyabonga and evaluated us. They slowly started to assist us in our needs by rendering services and bringing goods.

    Currently due to the financial recession, money for food, adult nappies, medicine and salaries are our biggest problem. We have to pay salaries to 77 employees, and cannot afford any annual bonuses. This is a challenge we are currently concentrating on, because our staff are very important and dear to us.
  5. It is essential to fetch the staff, because our project is just outside Vredenburg, where no public transport is available. Siyabonga must provide transport to all the patients, staff and their children. We need funding to provide in the running costs for this important service.

    “The project started to grow from 12 voluntary employees, and the Corsa was too small to accommodate all the staff on each shift. As there was no emergency transport, my car also had to transport patients to hospital when needed. Every morning during the prayer session, we asked God for a vehicle to support our needs. We were donated a bakkie which solved some of our problems.. In 2008 we also received a donation of a Quantum bus to transport our patients and staff.”

We hereby invite you to visit and evaluate Siyabonga Care Village and desperately ask you to be involved in this much needed service.
Kind Regards,
We hereby invite you to visit and evaluate Siyabonga Care Village and desperately ask you to be involved in this much needed service.

Kind Regards,
Sr. Chrisna du Plessis
022 713 5730 (tel)
083 587 5444 (cell)
022 713 1894 (fax)

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