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Basic Ad - FREE ad.
This is only your business name and contact number listed under the relevant category and town. Click here to list your details for free now.

Premium Ads:
If you would like your ad to be more visible I suggest a premium ad. Premium ads are always displayed at the top of the page above the Basic ads. With a premium ad we also include a small photograph to attract the attention of our visitors. This ad will cost you only R900.00 per year

Click here to see an EXAMPLE of the text ads AND Click here to see where which ads are placed where

ONLY 5 premium ads per category per year will be accepted.

Full page ads:
If you do not have your own web site yet or you would like a custom designed page for your business you can make use of the full page option.
Click here to see an example . Not only will you have a full page where we can display pictures of your products or guest house but you will also get an easy to use link which you can use in all your ads and brochures. Note that the link for above example is . So you can easily refer others to your page. You will also get a free text ad which links to your full page.

This ad will set you back only R1,200 per year.

Banner Ads

You can also place a 160x600 banner ad at R300/month

If you would like to make use of any of the above mentioned paid options, please contact me at or 083-431-5841.

Why Advertise on

  • People will always know where to find your business's number. It is always on the same place and it is not like a booklet which can get lost or outdated.
  • Your business can get International exposure and exposure from non-local clients.
  • It is easy to find a business' details on
  • It is probably the lowest advertising rate which can give you the biggest exposure.