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No us around here, just me.

This web site is another one added to the collection of private web sites designed, maintained and owned by Pieter Pretorius.

I created this web site to be an easy reference guide for people who would like to visit our beautiful area. The other purpose of this web site is to act as reference to locals to easily find the goods and services they regularly use. Especially those who are new in the area. I know when I came here I did not know where to find schools or which hardware stores to use. I hope that this web site will help you, the visitor, to find your way around the West Coast.

Why the name Bokkom?

Well, there are no real specific reason for it.

Before we moved to Langebaan we were looking for information on Langebaan. Useful information like schools, churches, etc.
We had a real hard time finding such information. When we finally arrived here I had to start renovating the house we bought. I found it just as hard to find all the places where I have to buy stuff to fix the house.

I then decided to start a web site and was looking for a name. My wife mentioned that at the time when she was searching for schools she found information on a web site called . She also said that when she went back there later on the web site was gone. Because of the name she remembered the domain address very well.

I went to the registrar and looked up the name, saw that it has been de-registered and then I registered it.

So that is where it all started.

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