Fishing Tip – White Stumpnose

White Stumpnose is one of the main species that fishermen target when fishing Langebaan.

Although they take white mussel as bait, it is actually live prawn they like. Normally these prawn can be pumped at low tide, but lately it has become more difficult to get tally. The first thing that springs to mind is that the stocks are depleted due to over pumping by so many fishermen…well that`s not true. I have my secret places where to pump and even here they are hard to find. I wonder if there is a correlation to the availability of prawn and the feeding habits of the Stumps.. lately these Stumps don`t just grab the bait like always. They put the prawn in their mouth and just sucks on it. So you have to start thinking like a fish and just hold your line very tight..when it gets heavy, then strike and almost all the time a 40cm plus “Bloukop” will surprise you.

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