Call on Port Owen Property Owners

I received this letter from Al today. We would like to encourage property owners in all the West Coast towns to join and support your local Rate Payer or Property Owner Associations. By joining these orginizations you can make a difference on how the city councils spend our tax money.

Good day,

I am writing on behalf of POPOA (Port Owen Property Owners Association) which was formed some years ago to protect the interests of property owners when the developer went bankrupt. It has since been through various stages but with the incorporation of Velddrif into the Berg River Municipality it has become critical to protect our interests again.

Instead of just looking at the narrow interests of Port Owen the new committee has decided to take a more pro-active stance and get involved with the running of the municipality.

We want to work with all other rate payers associations to prevent the general maladministration and corruption rife in other municipalities taking hold here.

We have been in correspondence with the Berg River Rate Payers Association and have joined the National Rate Payers Association which is a blanket body and is in a position to give help and advice on any action needed.

There are two main issues of concern at present. These are they way our rates are spent and the attitude of the Municipality towards Port Owen.

The way our rates are spent:

Some comparisons from the budget are:

There is a budget of R600 000 for photocopying but only R400 000 for maintenance of the more that 200 Kms of roads in our direct area Velddrif/ Laaiplek/ Port Owen/ Noordhoek & Dwarskersbos.

There is a budget of R474 000 for local officials travelling on junkets but only R180 000 for maintenance of sidewalks.

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