Fishing in Langebaan – Tip for 3rd week March

It`s long weekend and from all over visitors are arriving. Then next weekend is the Lagoon Festival and then it is Easter. This weekend is also spring tide and the water is pulling back at low tide quite far.  Low tide should be just past 11h00, but one should be able to pump prawn already as from 10h00.

The water is a nice warm 18 deg and the weather looks great for fishing this weekend. Saturday will see no wind and day temperature above 25 deg. On Sunday one can expect a bit of a breeze from the South and Monday should be the same.

This past week had a bit of wind and not many went fishing, but Stumps showed at the Paaltjies where the Alabama slipway is. Mostly in the 1 kg range. From behind the Island on boats there where big Stumps caught..some even as big as 50 cm.Watch movie online Logan (2017)

With the strong current between tide turns in spring tide conditions, one can expect sea weed clinging to your line, so it is suggested to fish in places where the current is not so strong.

The options are:

  • Leentjiesklip for Stumps and Kolstert.
  • Paaltjies,but use a heavy sinker and check your line to be free of sea weed.
  • Stumps from behind the Island,but do not drift,rather anchor in the strong current.
  • Consider Spreeuwalle as spring tide normally produce Kob on chokka.

Well enjoy Langebaan and the carefully and God bless.

Oom Daisy.

Ed: Thank you Daisy for another great article. Just to confirm Oom Daisy’s article of last week I would like to show you an article that was published in this week’s Weslander.


Kabeljou gevang by Spreeuwalle

Cob and Elf at Langebaan

Well it is almost the end of the month and also the weekend lies ahead.

It`s time for fishing and clear the head, ready for work again next week. Preparing the outing and planning accordingly is just as nice as the outing itself. To do this one would need some information about the conditions and what to target, so that`s what we will be doing right here…streaming A Cure for Wellness film

  • Low tide should be around 09h30 this weekend..time to pump prawn for those nice and fat Stumpnoses. The cold front has passed so one can expect a bit of wind on Saturday afternoon but Sunday should only see only a breeze.
  • The water around and close to the Island is too cold. Rather fish from the Alabama slipway south towards the Yacht Club or Leentjiesklip .Spreeuwalle is a good choice after the strong winds we had. The Spit has gone quiet.
  • From boats the Line is the best option and Roman Rock close to the Iron Ore Jetty is also an option. Here you should target Elf(Shad) and Cob(Kabbeljou). Just last week an Elf of 5kg was caught and then another of a massive 7kg. These big ones are on the Line and Konstabelkop and also feed during the day. But the best time to catch Cob and Elf is at the turn of the tide during the night and then just before sunrise.
  • Bait should be prawn for Stumps, the tail of a pilchard for Elf and a fillet of fish for Cob..but remember as Cob feeds on smell one should bait up with the bait inside out with the flesh showing. Also attach a strip of fresh, well beaten chokka to the fish bait. You would need a steel trace as the Elf has sharp teeth.

Well it`s summer and time to fill up that freezer again..take the whole family along and make a day of it here at the Baan.Watch movie online John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

Tight lines