Flowers at SAS Saldanha

geel kwassie

Another good spot to view wildflowers on the West Coast is SAS Saldanha. Although the hiking trail is on the grounds of the Military Academy, members of the public are allowed in if there are no activity on the shooting range. A red flag at the gate will indicate to you if there are activity on the shooting range. You can also see some historic buildings on the terrain. Click here to download the trail map and click here to download the information on the back of the map. You can contact the environmental manager, Edwin, on 082-3200-549 for more information.

We visited the reserve on 15 Aug 2010 and saw some beautiful flowers there.

There are 4 hiking and mountain biking trails which range from 4km to 14km. The roads are rather flat, thus it is an easy walk.Here are some of the photographs taken on the day.


Wilde Ertjie
geel kwassie

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