2010 Flowering Season

It is that time of year again.

On this page I will give you frequent updates about the flowers in the Langebaan area. I will add the latest information at the top of the page.

West Coast Flowers

28 September 2010

There are no more flowers in the Langebaan, Saldanha, Vredenburg area.

You will still see the odd push of purple “bosvygies” flowering, but the large patches of wild flowers are gone.

I will report on the flowers again next year, so be sure to visit us again.

10 September 2010

Many people ask about the flowers. Around Langebaan some of the flowers are going off. To avoid disappointment i suggest that you visit the West Coast within the next week.

For this week you can read the comprehensive flower report the West Coast Tourism Organization compiled and sent to us. You can click here to read the report.

17 August 2010

Seems like last week’s heat damaged the flowers on Oliphantskop. There are still flowers at Oliphantskop, but not as much as there used to be.

At the moment there are lots of flowers on the road between Langebaan and Saldanha.

Drive all the way into Saldanha until you reach Main Road (at FNB and BP) and turn right towards Vredenburg. Continue with the road till you get the air strip on your right, then turn right again towards Saldanha Steel to make your way back to Langebaan. This road also has a beautiful display of flowers on both sides of the road.

10 August 2010

This weekend I went to Montagu. On my way back today i spotted large patches of white flowers at Hopefield as you drive through town.

At the T-Junction at Langebaanweg is also large pacthces of mixed flowers.

When you turn left at the Langebaanweg T-junction (from Hopefield to Langebaan) there is a large patch of orange flowers on the left.

At the R27 corssing at the Engen garage there are also large patches of mixed flowers on the side of the road.

There are plenty of Arum lilies next to the roads to Darling, Hopefield, Riebeck Kasteel.

Oliphantskop in Langebaan is still painted in white and is a must see at the moment.

Wildflowers at Oliphantskop in Langebaan

1 August 2010

Postberg opened it gate to the public today. I was not there myself but a friend of my visited and confirmed that there are some flowers that opened already.

Oliphatskop and Long Acres are full in bloom. Mostly white daisies, but lately the orrange gousblomme and other flowers like the froetang, bobbejaantjie and drumsticks also opened.

Another area with lots of flowers is the top part of Sunbird Drive in Langebaan. Everywhere between the houses in Myburgh Park you will see flowers. But do yourself a favor and drive right around Myburgh Park with Sunbird drive and  enjoy the display.

Down at Sharkbay are not lots of flowers yet, but there are some open.

Below are some pictures taken at Oliphantskop, Long Acres and Sunbird drive.

I have been to Wupperthal this week and found that there are not many flowers open in the Biedouw valley yet. Apparently they did not have much rain yet.

Flowers at Long Acres in Langebaan
Goue Vygie
Goue Vygie
Pers Rotsvygie
bobbejaantjie, photo taken at Oliphantskop
Flowers at Sunbird drive in Langebaan

July 2010

It is late July and already we can see some of the annual flowers in bloom.

This week on 17 July I photographed a patch of Daisies at Olifantskop in order to show regular readers that the flowers are starting to open. When I loaded it to the system tonight I saw that last year I also photographed the first flowers on the 17th of July.

Just like last year I hope to keep you frequently updated with the flower situation.

Remember that Postberg will be opening on 1 August. Also keep in mind that the flowers open different times in different regions. At first the annual flowers will pen and later on the bulb plants.  Also keep an eye on the Events Calender and make sure you do not miss the Hopefield, Darling and Clanwilliam flower shows.

As more flowers open I will just add to this page, so make sure you bookmark this page and always come back to it to get the latest flowering news.

25 July 2010
Oliphantskop in Langebaan is white like snow.  The photographs cannot really do justice to the display but it will give you a good idea.

Daisies at Oliphantskop
Daisies at Oliphantskop - 25 July 2010
Daisies at Oliphantskop - 25 July 2010
Daisies at Oliphantskop - 25 July 2010

And some more Rotsvygies:

Rotsvygie (Cheiridopsis rotrata)

Below are some of the first pictures I took during the week of 17 July 2010

West Coast Flowers
Daisies at Oliphantskop on 17 July 2010

Daisies - Reenblommetjies
Rotsvygie (heiridopsis rotrata) growing next to my house

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