Win with Sea Rescue

Win with Sea Rescue

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is inviting citizens to become official shore crew members.

This can be done through small donations which will in turn give participants the opportunity to win large monthly prizes.

As a regular supporter of the NSRI, you will not only help save many lives, you will also stand five chances of winning R10 000 every month”, said NSRI Chief Executive, Ian Wienburg.

And you can achieve all this with a minimum monthly donation of only R25 per entry – not bad for such a small investment. Continue reading “Win with Sea Rescue”

The New Bokkom Mobiel

Bokkom Mobiel
Bokkom Mobiel

I bought a new scooter for the day to day driving in and around Langebaan.

The scooter is more environmental friendly,  fuel efficient and more fun driving than the 4×4 which has a fuel economy of 7km/l

The Bokkom Mobiel (Gomoto Yesterday) has a little 150cc engine and the distributors claim a fuel economy of 35km/l

So far I could not measure the fuel economy since I am still driving on the first tank of fuel since I bought it. The fuel tank only takes 5 litres of fuel.

The little 150cc engine is good enough to propel the Gomoto Yesterday to speeds of up to 85km/h while carrying a driver of 95 Kg.

The engine has a 1 year warranty and most other components on the scooter has either a 3 month or 6 month warranty. You also get free AA road side assistance for the first year. Spares and services cost a fraction of what spares and services for big name bikes cost.. Continue reading “The New Bokkom Mobiel”

10 Sept 2010 Flower Report by Saldanha Bay Tourism

West Coast wildflowers
Wilde Ertjie

Below is a comprehensive flower report sent to us by the Saldanha Bay Tourism Orginization
I would like to thank them for such a proper report, it must have been a lot of hard work compiling it.




Beautiful flowers are now out in full bloom in all reserves around Darling as well as on roadsides.  It seems that with this year’s peculiar weather it is going to be an exceptional year for the wonderfully scented Blue Pypie, Bobbejaantjies,  Kelkiewyn Moraeas, Romeleas and many others. The yellow and white daisies are also out in abundance

Darling Renosterveld Reserve (At top of village behind the Darling Primary School);
Darling Groenekloof Reserve
(R315 alongside the SPCA premises) Park at the SPCA and enter through the small gate in the corner;
Tienie Versfeld Reserve
(R315 Darling – Yzerfontein);
(along R307 to Mamre)– at all the above reserves visitors need to park their cars and walk in the veld…. Continue reading “10 Sept 2010 Flower Report by Saldanha Bay Tourism”

Flowers at SAS Saldanha

geel kwassie

Another good spot to view wildflowers on the West Coast is SAS Saldanha. Although the hiking trail is on the grounds of the Military Academy, members of the public are allowed in if there are no activity on the shooting range. A red flag at the gate will indicate to you if there are activity on the shooting range. You can also see some historic buildings on the terrain. Click here to download the trail map and click here to download the information on the back of the map. You can contact the environmental manager, Edwin, on 082-3200-549 for more information.

We visited the reserve on 15 Aug 2010 and saw some beautiful flowers there.

There are 4 hiking and mountain biking trails which range from 4km to 14km. The roads are rather flat, thus it is an easy walk.Here are some of the photographs taken on the day.


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Flower Viewing Tips

Flowering Tips

Here are some tips for viewing flowers on the West Coast

  • The best time to view flowers are from 11h00 to 15h00
  • Always have your back to the sun. The flowers follow the sun. If the sun is in your eyes just look around. Sometimes you do not see any flowers but when you look around there are plenty of flowers.
  • The wildflowers are best when it is a sunny day. Many flowers won’t open on cloudy days.
  • Get out of your car and walk around (where permitted). You will see a much wider variety of flowers.
  • When you walk around, do not step on the flowers.
  • Windless days are best for photographing flowers.
  • Relax and take a picnic basket with you.
  • Get a flower guide, it is much more fun to identify the flowers so that you know which ones you are looking at.
  • Do not pick wild flowers, there is a R1,000 fine for picking wild flowers.

You can call the following numbers to find out how the flowers are:

  • West Coast National Park – 022-772-2799
  • Darling Information Centre – 022-492-3361
  • Hopefield Tourism – 022-723-1720
  • Nieuwoudtville Information Centre – 027-218-1336
  • Clanwilliam Information Centre – 027-482-2024

Cape Columbine Flowers


The reports on this page were submitted by Sonja from The Beach Camp at Cape Columbine Nature Reserve (Tietiesbaai).

22 July 2010 – Here are some of the unusual flowers currently out in Cape Columbine, please can you mention that some of them are only 3mm such as the steek Groenbasbossie; yet others are green, like the groen Agretjie and these photos have been done with macro-photography. The Paternoster froetang is extremely rare and like the lime-stone ridge – they grown in the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, and I have also found some in Trekkoskraal. Word of mouth has it that they are

also in Groot Paternoster private nature reserve. They don’t last for very long though and are on their way out.

Paternoster Froetang
Paternoster Froetang

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2010 Flowering Season

It is that time of year again.

On this page I will give you frequent updates about the flowers in the Langebaan area. I will add the latest information at the top of the page.

West Coast Flowers

28 September 2010

There are no more flowers in the Langebaan, Saldanha, Vredenburg area.

You will still see the odd push of purple “bosvygies” flowering, but the large patches of wild flowers are gone.

I will report on the flowers again next year, so be sure to visit us again.

10 September 2010

Many people ask about the flowers. Around Langebaan some of the flowers are going off. To avoid disappointment i suggest that you visit the West Coast within the next week.

For this week you can read the comprehensive flower report the West Coast Tourism Organization compiled and sent to us. You can click here to read the report.

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Langebaan Marine now Bigger and Better


Jet Ski at Langebaan Marine
Langebaan Marine


Langebaan Marine has been sold and is under new (better) management

They are still at Shop 7B, Laguna Mall. That is at the entrance closest to the Caltex Garage.

Contact No: 022-772-1207

Langebaan Marine now offers:

  • All Boat Safety Equipment
  • Boat Surveys – ( R350.00 each )
  • Buoyancy Certification
  • Boat & Yacht Hardware
  • LED Marine Lighting
  • GPS / Fishfinders
  • VHF Radio & Electronics
  • Fishing Equipment and Bait
  • Marine Paint and Anti-fouling
  • New and used outboard engines as well as outboard engine servicing
  • New and used boat brokerage
  • Bougi Boards and Diving gear for the kids.

Langebaan Marine is a One Stop Marine Shop



Langebaan Marine
Langebaan Marine's new shop

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